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Bond 24 Teaser Poster by TinyButDeadly Bond 24 Teaser Poster by TinyButDeadly
A teaser poster I recently designed for the upcoming Untitled 24th Bond movie due for release in 2014, due to the lack of any information about the plot etc. I went for a sort of minimalistic approach. Hope you like it and keep an eye out for I have a couple of other ideas :)
piratebunny101 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nice Pic, I hope they get Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye) or Marc Forster (Quantum Of Solace) back because they both gave 007 a taste of adventure but Sam Mendes (SkyFall) Sorta didn't. Really, Sam Mendes's Bond movie was more dramatic and...dare I say it...boring but, still likeable. Martin Campbell's Bond was cool and very like I said "a taste of adventure". Marc Forster's Bond related so much to Jason Bourne but with adventure and smarter wits.

But for the next Bond movies...Get Chris Nolan (Batman Trilogy, Inception, Memento), David Fincher (The Social Network, TGWTDT, Se7en)or...heck, even Guy Ritchie. Actually, Guy Ritchie is a brilliant guy(no pun intended) He's sort of a let down in film making but if he ever made a bond film, It would be so much fun. Just watch Sherlock Holmes and A Game OF Shadows, then you'll know right away that he'll be great for Bond. For my choice for directing, is Guy Ritchie all the way!
AshBrad93 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Amazing work, I hope they do something like this for the next bond film

I would call it something to reflect something like Smoke because of how the poster looks
AshBrad93 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
infact I take that back, it shouldnt reflect on smoke, it should reflect on Snow, i think it should be called "Coldheart" or something
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